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Wowee. What a year.

So this year I started the wedding season in February and ended in October, travelled to Bangladesh in spring, partied with strangers nearly every weekend, ate A LOT of wedding food, totally blanked my friends and relatives most of the year (sorry!), got published in awesome magazines like Cosmo Bride, got featured on beautiful blogs like Style Me Pretty (woohoo), shot my best friend, squeezed in a sublime trip to Devon in July, spent every Thursday with my son Milen, ate more wedding food, worked with the most AMAZING clients, bought a super-duper editing chair, speed-talked & geeked-out on all things photography with some fabulous new photographer friends :), worked like a nutter (on the super-duper editing chair), tweeted 2,369 times, pretended that my facebook inbox didn’t exist, took timeout in France, did my first ever photography workshop in November (blogpost soon!), bored my husband to death with more wedding talk (again), learnt A LOT, oh – and won ‘Britain’s best photographer’ Unveiled award!!!

It goes without saying – thank you to my wonderful clients for trusting me (most of the time!) and thanks to all of you that supported me and my work this year by commenting, re-posting, re-tweeting, ‘liking’ and advising me…it all means so much.

These photos are not necessarily the favourites of the wedding magazines and the blogs, or of my gorgeous clients – they are simply a collection of MY favourite photos from 2011 of the places, spaces, people, moments, light, colours, hues, and patterns that struck me this year.

(ps Actually Jake took one of these photos but I’ll let you guess which one…it’s actually pretty good and even in focus, yay! A JD he is not.)

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  1. Wow Anushe! I love your blog and pictures. So glad you won your award. Look forward to 2012 xx

  2. So beautiful Anushe! What a wonderful set! Happy new year! xx

  3. Beautiful work as always Anushe!

    All the best for 2012!

  4. Beautiful images everyone, what a fantastic year you’ve had, I’m sure 2012 will be jsut as amazing x

  5. What a year Anushe! High five! Have the best 2012!

  6. Simply Stunning! Happy 2012!

  7. Always a pleasure to look at your photos Anushe! Hope to meet you again in 2012!

  8. Beautiful work Anushe, I will say it again…you must be *so* proud considering that you only started photographing weddings recently! Well done x

  9. wowow! great work Anushe! Happy 2012!

  10. Blimey! What a beautifully captured year. Congratulations lovely. x

  11. Beautiful beautiful images! Congratulations on your award totally deserved.

  12. Fantastic collection Anushe! Have a great 2012!

  13. A wonderful year Anushe!! Way to work it my friend :)

  14. Hello from your newest liker, just want to say how amazingly fab your work is and I shall be following every update from now on!

  15. So glad that i discovered you and your picture//Joachim

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